Review for its that its a scam.

They say tesla like to help you to reveive much money tru Tesla program.
But its only a scam of course.

They say you come to to soo much profit.
More than 100 % every day.

And thats its not how its normaly work.
They give you fake acount and they tell you that you have much more money every day because this.
But you dont have the money.
You never got any money!

Because its a SCAM.

Its work like.

You give them 200 dollar, and invest.
Next day themtold you that you have now 500 dollar or something like that.

And they tell you, if you investmore than you win more.
And they like you toinvest so much which its possible.

But they never give you any thing of it....
So much scam on Youtube and Facebook